Why an Ont. mother was denied boarding to her flight after this mistake


A dream vacation for an Ontario family quickly turned to frustration when a mother’s name on a ticket didn’t match the name on her passport, meaning she was left behind while her husband and two children flew to France.

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  1. Shouldn't have waited until getting to the airport to correct this booking error! Canadians should also be aware that the processing of a new passport with a change of name can be as long as getting a new passport. Using a maiden name or a former name on a passport? Book tickets under that name, (not any new name you're using).

  2. and check your bags thoroughly down to the tiny zipped pockets sometimes inside a suitcase or backpack, even a roach can cause huge problems, and be wary of families asking you to carry one of their bags across for them because they have so many, it has happened to me, no thanks,

  3. Passengers are responsible to KNOW their own legal names for tickets. The Expedia agebt was NOT wrong because it is NOT necessary NOR required to provide any passport information at the time of buying a ticket.

    The passengers & agent just needed to review the legal nanes on passport. It is completely the passengers mistake

  4. How is this news?? The names on the flight ticket always had to match that on your passport…. Otherwise, what’s the point of showing your passport when you check in and board the flight… SMH…


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