What’s causing more damage — climate change or the government’s response?


Calgarians weigh in on the real impact of climate change and whether government policies are doing more harm than good.

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  1. Ho-ly crap.!!! After the absolute bullsh*t.! The lies.! The corruption.! The hell, we've been subjected to the last four years.! I can't believe that Canadians are still this gullible.!!! This effing stupid.!!!

  2. I get 0.00 carbon tax rebate. The carbon tax does nothing to reduce climate change. Trudeau is lying, it’s a cash grab. Those pedestrians who like Trudeau and the carbon tax are part of the bureaucracy, with fat incomes golden pensions and they get the carbon rebate. I’m low income but no rebate. Not very fair is it.

  3. The blue box under the video makes a specious statement because the UN hasn't been able to explain what caused the "long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns" prior to "Human activities". Could it be any of those myriad factors?

  4. HAHAHA !! My Dad who is 98 1/2 years old. Just got a letter from Government of Canada stating he needs to PAY BACK $187 to the CARBON TAX that he received from the GOVERNMENT BECAUSE HE MOVED FROM SASKATCHEWAN TO VANCOUVER!!! he doesn’t drive he lives with his family, still of sound mind, no health ailments, and is costing the government absolutely nothing, just breaths fresh air because he knows there’s no such thing as climate change!! hates Vancouver, really hates Trudeau!! ALL bullshit!! LIFE IS BETTER IN SASKATCHEWAN ?


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