What impact will the letter from U.S. senators have on Canada? Power Play with Vassy Kapelos


The Front Bench panel speaks about the political implications of the letter from U.S. senators on spending for NATO.

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  1. So if Trumps wins the Presidency they will probably take over Canada. He said that he will not protect country's of Nato if we don't pay our share ! I know the states are drying up and they need water and may even take over our waters. Climate change will not be on the table with Trump !

  2. Why don't they use all the $2B-carbon tax profit to refit just the military (not DND) to start with and build permanent bases in all 3 Territories and a big Naval base by Hudson Bay? Silly me! Do not add logic to any federal government discussion!

  3. Get rid of Trudeau problem solved. How do you know Poiliever will skirt around that he is not opening his playbook and I don't blame hem
    for that, I would not do that myself because you will be known as a racist or monogenist if you don't agree so wait for the election

  4. Instead of heightened war preparedness, why doesn't Canada counter American demands with a plea for more diplomacy. Does America still know how to do diplomacy? Diplomacy isn't about making everyone American-like and subservient, it's about negotiating differences without getting into armed conflict. Better yet, get out of NATO!

  5. We need to buy our military equipment off the shelf from other countries. To have made in Canada military equipment as a viable option that would require a much larger military than 2% of CDN GDP would afford. Building our own substandard equipment in Canada is silly and a deterrent to recruitment of personnel from the Canadian public.

  6. The LIberals do not want Canada to have a military, this goes back to Pierre… instead they spend stupid money on submarines… helicopters and more all the wasted money from the Liberals.

  7. Well. Do we even have one backup ice breaker to clear the Great Lakes shipping channels in the winter? Might be we can spend more on our navy when we are already pushing the lifespans of our current icebreaker fleet . If one icebreaker fails, what would happen to all the shipping lanes?

  8. I guess the senators have been getting my letters. Can you the name the Canadian intelligence agency, CIA. Can you name the most powerful branch of the Canadian military, the Pentagon.

  9. Pick up your game, Canada. For decades Canadians assumed that we lived in a peaceful world and expected our govts to spend on social programs. Today, Canadians have realized It's not a peaceful world and with hindsight Canadians should have know better.

  10. "Not somebody doing Trump's bidding"? What has Trump got to do with this? He is not even in power! But he is talked about so much you would think he was still President.. Is everyone in North America crazy?

  11. We're not spending it on health and education, we're spending on interest on our accumulated debt!! 61 billion this year, and with higher interest rates on our debt for the forseeable future costs will go much higher. That is money that could have gone into our military, AND health and education!! The fiscal mismanagement of this government can only be described as epic in its proportions!!

  12. Could you explain to the senators that Canada meets our treaty obligations militarily. Who is going to attack Canada. Really. Do not need to spend 2 per cent on this side of the Atlantic. When America become the reserve currency a large military is a necessity. Russia will no longer b able to project power


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