Trudeau’s weak response to ICC seeking warrant for Netanyahu


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Ezra Levant looks at the International Criminal Court’s decision to seek a warrant for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s weak response to the new development in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
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  1. The ICC is entirely political, which generally means far left. This is because the far left can not justify their policies by debate. They depend entirely on well organized demonstrations, to include riots and assault. This ICC attack on Israel is typical lies and "assault by other means."

  2. Bad propaganda for this channel.
    1. These girls are soldiers. Hope they are safe because they are ignorant
    2. Please show the many videos or terrorist crimes of Israel. I have many for you

  3. My problem with Isreal is that they're taking to long to turn Palistine into a parking lot .
    ISREAL has the Right to protect their Citizens at all cost if only the Western Politicians had the balls to do the same for their Citizens.
    The ICC & the UN should be Dismantled asap complete waste of time.

  4. how they announce that "Palestine" is a country if it doesn't have any government nor military and borders? and if you tr to be smart and say "Hamas is the gov." then why they don't take responsibility for their own people? and why no one demand them to release hostages?


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