Strathmore Fire Department on the lookout for missing dummy named Bob – have you spotted him?

Have you seen Bob? Strathmore Fire Department searching for wayward dummy

“Have you ever heard of a mannequin going missing? Well, it seems like Bob, the newest recruit of the Strathmore Fire Department, has disappeared without a trace. This bizarre incident took place during a water rescue training session at Strathmore Lake, leaving the firefighters puzzled and concerned about their specially designed training tool.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Bob

Bob, affectionately dubbed as “Bad Buoy Bob” due to his role in water rescue training, was supposed to float from the shoulders up, mimicking the movements of a real person swimming. However, during a routine boat rescue exercise, Bob vanished into thin air, leaving the firefighters perplexed. Fire Chief David Sturgeon expressed his disappointment at the malfunction that led to Bob’s disappearance, emphasizing the importance of Bob in their training exercises.

The Search for Bob

In a bid to find their missing mannequin, the Strathmore Fire Department took to social media, urging the public to be on the lookout for Bob. Described as last seen wearing blue shorts and taking on water, Bob’s disappearance has sparked both amusement and concern among the community. With a value of approximately $2,000, finding Bob has become a top priority for the fire department.

The Challenges Ahead

Despite their efforts to locate Bob, the search has been hindered by the murky conditions of the lake, making it difficult for divers to navigate the waters. With the lake being 40 feet deep and recent rainfall causing further complications, the search for Bob has proven to be a challenging task. As the fire department waits for clearer weather to resume their search, they remain hopeful that Bob will be found safe and sound.

A Thought to Ponder

As we reflect on the unusual case of Bob’s disappearance, it prompts us to consider the significance of even the most unconventional tools in emergency response training. While Bob may be just a mannequin, his role in preparing firefighters for water rescues is invaluable. This incident serves as a reminder of the dedication and commitment of first responders in ensuring the safety of their communities.

In conclusion, the mystery of Bob’s disappearance sheds light on the essential role of training tools in emergency preparedness. As the search continues for Bob, let us appreciate the efforts of the Strathmore Fire Department in overcoming obstacles and staying vigilant in their mission to protect and serve the public.”



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