Nigerian newcomers in Canada supported by ANNSASK through Welcome Event guidance

ANNSASK helps Nigerian newcomers navigate Canada with Welcome Event

“Embracing Diversity: ANNSASK Welcomes Newcomers to Northern Saskatchewan

The Association of Nigerians in Northern Saskatchewan (ANNSASK) recently hosted a Newcomer Welcome Event in Prince Albert, aiming to help newcomers integrate into their new community. With an estimated 300 individuals of Nigerian descent in the area, ANNSASK President Dr. Joseph Akinjobi emphasized the importance of providing support and assistance to those settling into Northern Saskatchewan.

Supporting Newcomers in Various Aspects of Life

The event featured informative sessions on topics such as finances, health, job search, and overall integration into Canadian society. With speakers touching on different aspects of life, the goal was to equip newcomers with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate their new environment successfully. Moreover, the event provided a platform for networking and community building among international students and other newcomers.

Creating a ‘Soft Landing’ for Newcomers

In addition to welcoming events like this, ANNSASK strives to offer what Akinjobi calls a ‘soft landing’ for newcomers, providing essentials like food and materials to help individuals feel comfortable and supported. The organization has been actively involved in fostering a sense of belonging and community among Nigerians and other newcomers to the region.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage and Contributions

Beyond the practical support, ANNSASK also actively celebrates Nigerian cultural heritage through events like the Nigerian Day celebration, showcasing the richness of their traditions and customs. Akinjobi highlighted the importance of passing down cultural knowledge to younger generations and ensuring that the community’s identity remains strong and vibrant.

A Call for Unity and Contribution to Society

As Akinjobi noted, Nigerians in Canada represent a diverse range of professions, from doctors and lawyers to artisans and more. The emphasis is on positively contributing to the growth of the community and economy while promoting unity and collaboration among individuals of Nigerian descent and the broader community.

In Conclusion, ANNSASK’s efforts not only help newcomers integrate and thrive but also enrich the cultural tapestry of Northern Saskatchewan. By embracing diversity and supporting each other, communities can grow stronger and more resilient, benefiting from the unique contributions of all its members.”



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