New study warns of how ultra-processed foods can lead to risk of cognitive impairment


A new study shows how ultra-processed foods are linked to an increased risk of strokes and cognitive impairment. Heather Wright reports.

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  1. Lets talk about CHOLESTEROL. Cholesterol ONLY comes from animal products. Cholesterol causes plaque build up in the arteries. Plaque build up in the arteries reduces the amount of nutrient and oxygen rich blood that reaches the brain. A reduction in that nutrient and oxygen rich blood causes cells in the brain to shrink and die. Leading to cognitive decline.

  2. Huh. It's almost as if all the idiots that support the Conservatives cutting education, healthcare, and services have been eating this garbage for years and have lost the ability to think critically. Or, you know, at all. Conservatives in the past 50 years have only cared about businesses worth over $10,000,000 and never about Canadians.


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