New bill would let Canadians pass citizenship rights down to children born abroad


A new government bill tabled in the House of Commons on Thursday would allow Canadians to pass citizenship rights down to their children born outside the country — a move that would add an unknown number of new citizens.

In 2009, former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper’s government changed the law so that Canadian parents who were born abroad could not pass down their citizenship, unless their child was born in Canada.

Those who’ve not had access to citizenship rights as a result of the amendments are known as “Lost Canadians.” #shorts

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  1. Are you kidding right now?
    The Liberal immigration policies have caused a housing crisis, so you make it easier for certain immigrants to get citizenship…..
    Sounds like the Liberals are trying to getting their voters up.

  2. During the period Canada had troops statiined in Germany thousands of children were born to members serving there and many of those children also served there having children of there own. Since Germany doesn't give citizenship based on being born there the only citizenship they had was Canadian. So Mr. Harper in his infinite wisdom decided it was okay to punish the offspring of Canadian soldiers because he thought supporting Israel's invasion of Lebanon was more important!

  3. Um hell no this Liberal dictatorship can't see what there open borders multiculturalism policies have done to Canada were hosting OTHER people's wars India/ Kalistan Trudeau backed Kalistan terrorists Israel/Hamas Trudeau backed Hamas terrorists enough is enough start supporting CANADIANS the ones living here under your dictatorship nevermind bringing in more votes


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