Migrant workers in PEI demand the right to stay in Canada


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Lincoln Jay travels to Prince Edward Island, where migrant workers in the service and sales sector are demanding the right to stay in Canada, declaring they’ll go on a hunger strike “until death” if their demands aren’t met.
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  1. Canadian Colleges are paying millions to Trudeau and Trudeau is making mess.
    Canadian Indians are themselves complaining about Indian Students influx without any market demand.
    They all are unskilled. My own cousin is in Canadia and without any skill.

  2. Sorry I don’t get it, so they only had work permits for 6 months and now that they are set to expired they are asked to leave, isn’t that usually how countries do work permits? Especially when the worker doesn’t apply for perminant residency

  3. This is what that dude said il put thousands of soliders in your city's and you'll never know they are there … Guess what I knew all along … You came here on promise of a government hand out now ya ain't getting it welcome to Canada been this way for generations…

  4. Doubt the blurred guy is legit. Good way of getting some of your views out RN..

    People are so short sighted, this country is huge and with more worker ants (thats us 99%ers) it will thrive in the future. The gta is at capacity and vancouvers getting there but everything inbetween and the east coast needs hands that are willing.

    Officially seen a bunch of punjabi loggers hauling north of hearst, on.

    About 10 years ago i met a logging transport businessman from the area that complained that they had all the wood to chop but no one to move it.

    For the most part this is a blue collar economy, and society did itself no favors by pushing pot so hard in Canada. Now theres a humongous wave of people willing to show to work.

    I do feel bad for student graduating through this. Plus inflation plus housing… i dont know how people are surviving tbh

  5. They need to all be deported… Bunch of entitled goons. Rules are rules, and this is in part thanks to our incompetent and weak Prime Minister and his band of Liberal misfits, and the NDP. Garbage gov't over the past 9 years!

  6. I don't care. It was nice enough for Canada to let them work here in the first place. It was a work permit… not a citizenship. Every extra person that stays in Canada is ruining it for everyone else. there should be another 1 million plus who shouldn't be here either. Food banks are running out of food. Canadians are destroyed and can't afford food. They go to the foodbank and there's nothing for them. It's an absolute no and if they stay and Pierre is P.M. I hope that on day 1, he says to these people….leave. I will not be upset. My kids future in this country is already messed up massively. One day they're going to want a job and they can't because one of these has taken it. Seriously, ANY body can do Tim Hortons, Dominos, Walmart, Fresh Co, Car Wash, Factory Direct, Amazon delivery, Amazon Fulfilment Center, etc… Eventually extremely simple jobs will be replaced by robots anyway… now they'll be a burden on our system. Causing such a disruption… Get police there RIGHT NOW and send them away TODAY!

  7. They come here and after 6 months they have the right to stay just because we take taxes, CPP, EI and rent ? Love it how is only one community who come here and demand things from us

  8. School is Out, look at the contract. Work visa or student visas does not mean Permanent residence or citizenship. You have No Rights, even if you are a Citizen, according to the Lib/ndp. Protest Ottawa Parliament, not Citizens trying to make a living, raising Our Own families, in Our Own Country.

  9. They are crying about paying taxes, well, they are paying taxes while permitted to be in Canada working. When visas expire, they return to their countries and Canadian taxes stop.


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