Meet the newest Fellows of Action Canada for 2024-2025

Action Canada announces its 2024-2025 Fellows

Action Canada’s Announcement of 2024-25 Fellowship Program

“Action Canada, the top accelerator of policy leaders in Canada, has just unveiled the 17 emerging leaders who will be participating in the 2024-25 Fellowship program. This diverse group of Fellows will spend the next 10 months examining one of the country’s most pressing questions: the future of the resource sector. With backgrounds spanning various sectors and regions, these Fellows are set to embark on a transformative journey of exploration and discovery.”

Unveiling the Diverse Cohort

“This year’s cohort of Action Canada Fellows represents a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and talents. From diplomats to educators, entrepreneurs to researchers, these individuals will come together to delve into the complexities of Canada’s resource sector and emerge as informed, innovative leaders.”

Exploring Local Realities and Cultures

“As part of the Fellowship program, these 17 emerging leaders will embark on study tours to four different regions across the country, starting with Calgary, Alberta. This immersive experience will not only deepen their understanding of local policy challenges and opportunities but also expose them to the unique cultures, institutions, communities, and economies that shape Canada’s diverse landscape.”

Inclusivity and Indigenous Leadership

“Action Canada is also proud to support the development of emerging Indigenous leaders, with five of this year’s Fellows hailing from Indigenous nations across Canada. This commitment to inclusivity and diversity underscores the importance of fostering generational leadership in an inclusive manner, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued.”

A Call to Action

“As we celebrate the unveiling of the 2024-25 Fellowship cohort, we are reminded of the importance of investing in the next generation of policy leaders who will guide Canada towards a more cohesive, resilient, prosperous, and secure future. These 17 emerging leaders represent a beacon of hope and inspiration, challenging us to think critically, engage with grassroots realities, and collaborate towards innovative solutions for the betterment of our country.”


“The Action Canada Fellowship program serves as a powerful catalyst for change, bringing together diverse perspectives, talents, and experiences to address pressing policy challenges facing our nation. As we look to the future of the resource sector and beyond, let us be inspired by the passion, dedication, and vision of these 17 emerging leaders, as they embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, we can build a brighter and more inclusive future for all Canadians.”



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