London, Ontario greenlights inaugural office-to-residential program application – Learn more in London

London, Ont. approves first application for office-to-residential program - London

“London’s City Moves Towards Revitalizing Downtown with New Residential Units

In a monumental decision, the City of London has granted its first approval for the office-to-residential community improvement program (CIP). This significant milestone marks a step towards transforming the urban landscape and addressing the housing crisis in the heart of the city.

Renovating the Rexall building at 166 Dundas St., the project aims to convert the existing commercial space into 15 residential units. While the upper floors will house primarily two-bedroom residential units, the lower levels will continue to offer commercial space. The investment and vision behind this initiative showcase the city’s commitment to innovation and progress.

The Transformation Process and Strategic Impact

With the real estate development firm MAAS Group leading the transformation, the project swiftly gained momentum after acquiring the building from Farhi Holdings. The former office spaces are now being reimagined as modern residential units to meet the increasing demand for housing in the downtown area.

The decision to allocate funding amounting to $414,947 from the city’s budget highlights the determination to support such transformative projects. Mayor Josh Morgan’s optimistic outlook on the future reflects a collective effort to enhance the community and create a more vibrant urban environment.

Opportunities for Growth and Collaboration

The office-to-residential CIP paves the way for seamless conversion projects that not only enhance the city’s housing supply but also promote inclusivity and affordability. By offering a mix of market value and geared-to-income units, the initiative caters to a diverse range of residents and fosters a sense of community.

Deputy city manager Scott Mathers emphasizes the convenience and accessibility of the location, enabling future residents to embrace a lifestyle centered on mobility and connectivity. The proximity to Dundas Place and various amenities underscores the potential for a thriving urban experience within the revitalized downtown core.

Looking Towards a Brighter Future

Mayor Morgan’s visionary approach to urban development sets a precedent for other municipalities seeking innovative solutions to urban housing challenges. As London continues to lead by example, the success of this project serves as a beacon of hope for future initiatives aiming to transform urban spaces and enrich the lives of residents.

The journey towards revitalizing downtown London through the office-to-residential program marks a significant milestone in the city’s urban evolution. By embracing change and embracing new opportunities, London sets the stage for a more vibrant and sustainable future. As the city continues to evolve, it is imperative to prioritize collaboration and innovation to create a more inclusive and resilient urban environment for all.”



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