Lobster fishing area off northeastern N.B. closed due to sighting of Right whale

Right whale sighting leads to closure of lobster fishing area off northeastern N.B.

“Federal Fisheries Minister Urgently Convenes Meeting with Lobster Industry After Closing Fishing Area

The federal fisheries minister, Diane Lebouthillier, is taking swift action by convening a meeting with the lobster industry following the closure of a fishing area off northeastern New Brunswick during the peak season. The closure was deemed necessary after an endangered North Atlantic right whale was spotted in shallow waters, prompting concerns for its safety.

Protecting Endangered Species vs. Economic Impact

Lebouthillier emphasized the importance of protecting endangered species like the North Atlantic right whale, despite the significant blow this closure may have on coastal communities and fishers. While the closure will last for 15 days until May 31, the decision aims to prevent whale entanglements with fishing gear, prioritizing conservation efforts over potential economic repercussions.

Cooperation for Sustainable Seafood Production

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the fishing industry, Lebouthillier stressed the need for cooperation to ensure the sustainability of Canada’s seafood products. By working together to prevent harmful interactions between whales and fishing activities, Canada can maintain its reputation for sustainable seafood production.

In Conclusion

As we navigate the delicate balance between conservation efforts and economic interests, it’s crucial to prioritize the protection of endangered species like the North Atlantic right whale. The decisions made now will not only impact the immediate fishing industry but also shape the future of sustainable seafood production in Canada. By fostering collaboration and adaptive management practices, we can strive towards a more harmonious coexistence between marine life and human activities.

This report by The Canadian Press highlights the urgency and complexity of conservation efforts in the face of environmental challenges.”



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