Laurentian Bank of Canada announces dividend declaration for its preferred shares

Laurentian Bank of Canada declares dividend on its preferred shares

“Laurentian Bank of Canada Declares Dividend for Preferred Shares Series 13

In a move that signals stability and growth for the Laurentian Bank of Canada, the Board of Directors announced the declaration of a dividend of $0.2576875 on the preferred shares Series 13. This dividend is set to be paid out on June 15, 2024, to shareholders of record as of June 7, 2024.

Eligible Dividends and Reinvestment Options

These dividends are classified as eligible dividends for tax purposes under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and similar provincial legislation. The preferred shares are eligible for the Bank’s Shareholder Dividend Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan, allowing shareholders to reinvest their dividends into newly issued common shares of the Bank. Additionally, shareholders have the option to make monthly cash payments to purchase additional common shares as outlined in the Plan.

For more information on how to participate in these opportunities, shareholders are encouraged to reach out to Computershare Trust Company of Canada via phone, email, or mail. Registered shareholders looking to terminate their participation in the Plan must notify Computershare Trust of Canada by June 7, 2024.

Empowering Communities through Financial Services

Laurentian Bank of Canada, established in Montreal in 1846, is deeply committed to changing banking for the better. With approximately 3,000 employees dedicated to serving families, businesses, and communities in Canada and the United States, the Bank manages over $48.1 billion in assets. By putting customers first, making courageous decisions, and fostering a sense of belonging for all, Laurentian Bank aims to drive positive change and growth.


In conclusion, the declaration of dividends for preferred shares Series 13 by Laurentian Bank of Canada highlights the institution’s commitment to financial stability and community empowerment. As shareholders consider their reinvestment options, it is clear that the Bank’s values of customer-centricity and integrity are at the forefront of its operations. With a long-standing history and a focus on inclusive growth, Laurentian Bank continues to prove itself as a trusted financial partner for individuals and businesses alike.

SOURCE Laurentian Bank of Canada
For further information: Merick Seguin, Senior Manager, Media Relations, Laurentian Bank of Canada, [email protected], 514 451-3201”



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