Explore Canada: Survey reveals trend of travelers staying local on upcoming trips

Travel in Canada: Survey finds more staying close to home on next trip

Are Canadians Choosing to Stay Closer to Home This Summer?

In a recent survey conducted by Deloitte Canada, it was discovered that a majority of Canadian respondents are opting to stay within the borders of their own country for their next vacation. The 2024 Summer Travel Outlook revealed that 74 per cent of those surveyed are planning a road trip within Canada, primarily to save on expenses in light of the high cost of living.

The Financial Factor: Why Some Canadians Are Choosing to Forego Travel

Despite the desire to travel, 35 per cent of respondents admitted that they would not be embarking on any trips this summer due to financial constraints or other financial priorities. Clark Hoskin, Senior Manager at Deloitte Canada, noted that there is a significant portion of Canadians who will be scaling back their travel plans this year. However, even with the cost-conscious mindset, survey participants still anticipate spending an average of $2,405 solely on lodging and accommodations for their upcoming trips.

Exploring the Great Outdoors: A Popular Choice for Canadians

A common thread among the surveyed individuals was the appeal of exploring the great outdoors, with many expressing interest in immersing themselves in nature, lakes, beaches, wilderness areas, and local attractions. Furthermore, a separate travel survey conducted by Kayak identified Calgary and Edmonton as two of the top domestic destinations for Canadian travelers this summer.

Value-Seeking Canadians: Looking Beyond Borders for Affordable Destinations

While domestic travel is on the rise, Kayak’s findings revealed a growing interest among Canadians in exploring South and Central America as a means to maximize their travel budget. Leon Mulder, Senior Country Manager for Kayak Canada, highlighted the substantial decrease in travel prices to these regions, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. Additionally, with rising prices in popular European cities like London and Paris, some tourists are opting for more affordable destinations such as Rome, Lisbon, Athens, and Amsterdam.

Seize the Day: Booking Tips for Budget-Savvy Travelers

As travel prices are currently at a low point, Kayak advises that individuals looking to plan a vacation should secure their bookings soon. Prices are expected to increase as the summer progresses, particularly from July onwards, so booking early may result in cost savings.

Ultimately, while economic factors play a significant role in shaping travel decisions, Canadians are finding ways to explore and enjoy new destinations within their means. Whether opting for a road trip closer to home or venturing to distant shores, the spirit of wanderlust remains alive and well amongst Canadian travelers.



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