Edmonton Oilers fans turn to superstition as NHL playoffs heat up

As NHL playoffs continue, Edmonton Oilers fans lean on superstition

“As the Western Conference Finals heat up, the Edmonton Oilers stand as the lone Canadian team left in the NHL playoffs, drawing the undivided attention of hockey fans nationwide. Amidst the excitement and anticipation, some of the team’s most passionate supporters are taking extreme caution to ensure they don’t jinx the Oilers’ chances of victory against the Dallas Stars.

Superstitious Delight at Jack’s Burger Shack

In downtown Edmonton, the co-owners of Jack’s Burger Shack decided to celebrate the Oilers’ playoff run by offering a special game day burger featuring a blue-and-orange bun to match the team’s colors. However, after an unfortunate loss following the launch of the colorful creation, the burger was swiftly removed from the menu. Co-owner Tu Le humorously admitted, “If they would have won, we could have carried on the tradition but it didn’t work out so well.” Despite the setback, he revealed that the restaurant has been delivering meals to the team’s coaches and training staff for over a year, attributing a 4-0 record in this year’s playoffs to their food deliveries.

Shared Hopes and Superstitions

With businesses across Edmonton witnessing a surge in customers and revenue on game days, the hockey fever is palpable throughout the city. At the Cabin Pub + Party, general manager David Young spoke about the extensive preparations and festivities in place to make game days unforgettable for patrons. His personal rituals, including wearing the same outfit during every critical game, demonstrate the unwavering dedication and passion that unite fans during this critical time.

A Fan’s Oath of Allegiance

Curtis Craig, a long-time Oilers supporter living in Dallas, illustrates the lengths some fans are willing to go to support their team from afar. Despite being thousands of kilometers away from Edmonton, Craig has maintained his allegiance to the Oilers since the late 1970s. His superstitions, like restricting his wife’s movements around the TV during games, showcase the fervor and dedication fans pour into supporting their beloved team.

In essence, the devotion and enthusiasm displayed by fans like Tu Le, David Young, and Curtis Craig exemplify the power of sports to unite communities and ignite unwavering loyalty. As the Edmonton Oilers continue their pursuit of glory in the playoffs, one thing remains certain – the bond between fans and their team transcends geographical boundaries and superstitions, creating a shared sense of hope and pride. Whether celebrating at local eateries, gathering at pubs, or watching from the comfort of their homes, fans cherish these moments that define the spirit of hockey and the essence of unwavering support.”



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