Discover the Positive Impact of Golf on Canadians with National Golf Day Highlights


“National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA) on Parliament Hill: New Economic Impact Study Released

OTTAWA, May 23, 2024 – The National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA) are back on Parliament Hill after a four-year hiatus due to COVID-19, leading National Golf Day and engaging with Parliamentarians to showcase the numerous positive aspects of golf for Canadians. As part of this event, the golf industry representatives are also unveiling the findings of a new Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study, shedding light on golf’s financial contributions and its remarkable popularity as the top participation sport in Canada.

The Economic Impact of Golf in Canada

With data highlighting the surge in the number of Canadians embracing golf post-COVID-19, the National Golf Day celebrations emphasize the physical and mental health benefits of the sport, its safety measures, social advantages, environmental conservation efforts, diversity, youth development, and economic value to the business sector. According to Jeff Calderwood, the CEO of the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada and Chair of NAGA, Canadians played a whopping 74 million rounds of golf in 2023, marking a significant 24% increase from the previous study in 2019. The broad appeal of golf as a safe outdoor activity for individuals of all ages, genders, abilities, and financial backgrounds is fueling the continual growth of the game.

Key Highlights from the Study

The Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study underscores the substantial financial contributions of golf to Canada’s economy, including:
– A GDP contribution of $23.2 billion, rising by $4 billion from the last study.
– Supporting 237,000 person-years of employment, with nearly 135,000 Canadians directly employed in the industry.
– Generating over $14.2 billion in labor income and raising $382 million for charities nationwide.
– Attracting a record-high 6 million Canadian golfers who played 74 million rounds in 2023.
– Contributing $14.2 billion to the economy through golfer spending and $8.1 billion through golf course operations.

The Holistic Benefits of Golf

Apart from its economic contributions, golf offers numerous other benefits to Canadians, such as physical fitness, mental well-being, social connections, environmental sustainability, and business opportunities. Laurence Applebaum, the CEO of Golf Canada, emphasizes how the sport promotes healthy living, environmental consciousness, and social inclusivity, with increasing diversity in participation levels.

The Future of Golf in Canada

As the study portrays golf as a vital asset for Canada and its citizens, it is evident that the sport has a positive impact on communities nationwide. With a focus on sustainability, diversity, and innovation, golf in Canada is poised for continued growth and success.

In conclusion, the Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study reaffirms that golf is not just a game but a holistic solution that enriches the lives of Canadians in various ways. From economic prosperity to health benefits and social connections, golf plays a significant role in shaping a better future for all.”



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