Celebrate World Turtle Day in Winnipeg by Taking Care of the Turtles: Expert Reminds Manitobans to Protect these Precious Creatures

Expert reminds Manitobans to take care of the turtles this World Turtle Day - Winnipeg

“On World Turtle Day, it’s crucial for Manitobans to keep an eye out for our shelled reptilian friends. As female turtles embark on their annual migration to lay eggs, they often cross roads, putting them at risk of being hit by unsuspecting cars.

### Helping Turtles Cross Safely
James Paterson, a research scientist at Ducks Unlimited Canada, emphasizes the importance of assisting turtles in crossing roads safely. If you encounter a turtle on the road, it’s recommended to pull over, get out of your vehicle, and carefully move the turtle in the direction it was heading. Despite appearances, turtles may be moving to find a suitable spot to lay eggs, so it’s best to let them continue on their way without interference.

### Protecting Vulnerable Populations
With all eight of Canada’s native freshwater turtle species listed as at risk, every effort must be made to protect these vulnerable populations. Female turtles, in particular, are essential for sustaining the population by laying eggs each year. However, they face significant threats from habitat loss and road mortality, making it crucial for us to be vigilant in safeguarding these precious creatures.

### Addressing Invasive Species
While non-native turtles like the red-eared slider pose a different kind of threat, they are not as destructive as other invasive species due to their slow movement and minimal impact on the ecosystem. This highlights the importance of focusing on preserving habitat and reducing road mortality as primary concerns for turtle conservation.

As we celebrate World Turtle Day, let’s remember to be mindful of the impact we have on these fascinating creatures and take proactive steps to ensure their survival for future generations.”



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