CBC News introduces new local news streaming channels and radio streams

CBC News launches local news streaming channels, radio streams

“Local journalism is the heartbeat of communities, keeping residents informed and connected to what matters most. However, the landscape of regional news is shifting, facing daunting financial challenges and disruptions in media consumption habits. As a response to this changing environment, CBC News is stepping up its game by launching new local news streaming channels to reach audiences in a more accessible and engaging way.

**Expanding Local Coverage**

With the launch of CBC News B.C. and CBC News Toronto on free ad-supported streaming TV platforms like CBC Gem and the CBC News App, CBC is making local news more readily available to a wider audience. These channels will offer a mix of local headlines, weather updates, community notices, newscasts, and live programming tailored to each region. This strategic move aims to bring more regional news video content directly to local viewers through their preferred digital platforms, ensuring that news is accessible anytime, anywhere.

**Embracing Multi-platform Consumption**

In today’s media landscape, audiences consume news content from a multitude of platforms, reflecting varying preferences and habits. From traditional print newspapers to radio, podcasts, video streaming services, and social media apps, Canadians access news from diverse sources. This diverse consumption pattern poses a challenge for news organizations to stay relevant and engage with a broad audience across different platforms.

**Adapting to Diverse Audience Preferences**

In a world where younger Canadians gravitate towards social media, YouTube, and streaming services, while older demographics lean more towards broadcast TV and radio, CBC News recognizes the importance of reaching audiences where they are. The success of a news organization is no longer solely dependent on traditional metrics like TV viewership or print circulation. Instead, success is measured by the ability to be present in multiple spaces simultaneously, catering to the unique preferences of diverse audience segments.

**A Broadening Media Universe**

The media landscape is continuously evolving, offering a rich tapestry of platforms for news consumption. As CBC News expands its reach through local news streaming channels, live radio streams, and hyper-local podcasts, the goal is to serve audiences across all platforms seamlessly. By embracing the complexity of today’s media universe, CBC News aims to remain a trusted source of information for Canadians, ensuring that local communities are at the forefront of their coverage.

In conclusion, the launch of CBC News B.C. and CBC News Toronto’s FAST channels represents a significant step towards enhancing local news coverage and engaging with audiences in new and innovative ways. By adapting to changing audience preferences and embracing a multi-platform approach, CBC News is poised to meet the evolving needs of Canadians across a diverse media landscape. As we navigate through this ever-changing media ecosystem, one thing remains certain – local journalism will continue to be the cornerstone of communities, connecting people through the stories that matter most. Stay tuned, stay informed, and stay connected with CBC News.”



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