Canadians Stand Against Freeland’s Capital Gains Tax Increase on The Andrew Lawton Show

The Andrew Lawton Show | Canadians reject Freeland’s capital gains tax hike

“Are Canadians really aware of the proposed changes to capital gains tax? And more importantly, how do they feel about them? A recent survey sheds light on the thoughts and concerns of the Canadian population. Let’s delve into the details and explore different perspectives on this matter.

**The Proposed Capital Gains Tax**

According to the survey, 58% of Canadians are aware of the proposed changes to the capital gains tax. However, only 24% of them view these changes favorably, while 35% are opposed. Kris Sims, the host of the show and Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation, breaks down why Canadians are apprehensive about these proposed changes. It’s apparent that there is a significant divide in opinions when it comes to this issue.

**Government Spending and Legacy Newsrooms**

With the looming possibility that by 2030, most legacy newsroom salaries will be funded by the government, concerns about government overreach and control arise. Peter Menzies, former vice chair of the CRTC, sheds light on this issue and its potential implications. It raises questions about the independence and integrity of the media landscape in Canada.

**A Comparison Across Borders**

As Canadians feel the impacts of increased government spending, it’s essential to look at how our counterparts in other countries are faring. Kris Sims takes a closer look at the situation in the U.K. with Elliot Keck from the U.K. Taxpayer’s Alliance. A comparative analysis can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of different approaches to economic policies and government interventions.

**The Controversy of Spending**

One controversial spending decision that has garnered attention is Parks Canada’s allocation of $12 million to eradicate European fallow deer on Sidney Island, B.C. The use of foreign sharpshooters instead of local hunters has sparked a debate. Carson Binda from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins the discussion to provide insights into this contentious issue.

In conclusion, the proposed changes to the capital gains tax, government funding of legacy newsrooms, international comparisons of government spending, and controversial allocation of funds highlight the complexities and challenges of fiscal policies and public expenditures. It is crucial for citizens to stay informed, engage in discussions, and consider various perspectives to navigate through these complex issues effectively.”



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