Canada’s Liberals, Conservatives trade allegations of corruption: “Lining her own pockets”


Allegations of illegal behaviour flew around the House of Commons during question period on Thursday between the Conservatives and Liberals.

“At his billion dollar green slush fund, the prime minister’s hand-picked chair is being investigated for lining her own pockets and resigned in disgrace. But another NDP-Liberal appointed director has been caught funneling $42 million she has stakes in. The Liberals knew it but then they promoted her to the infrastructure bank anyway,” Conservative MP Michael Barrett said.

Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne responded saying “the moment we heard about the allegation we launched an investigation — the chair has resigned — we are investigating, we are going to make sure every dollar, Mr. Speaker, that is spent is going to be well spent, we are going to restore governance.”

Government House Leader Steve MacKinnon then questioned the Conservatives about allegations of corruption in their own party saying “I want to know why there is a woman in Aurora named Sabrina Maddeaux and another one — and they’re both women by the way — her name is Rachel Gilliland alleging ‘things don’t seem quite kosher in conservative nomination land.’ And that is after the allegations by Ms. Maddeaux of illegality in the Conservative nomination.”

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  2. I think the ratio is about 15 to 1. For every one bad conservatives the left is allowed to have 15 bad socialists before Canadians start to notice. All politicians are corrupt is what Lefties say, they are unable to understand the difference is the level and amount of corruption. Would you rather have a little corruption or massive corruption? The Left is good with massive corruption even though 98% of them will never benefit from this corruption. This is the definition of useful idiots.

  3. Everyone should stop watching QP and watch the actual committee's instead. QP is the grand Stadium for the peasants to watch the distraction games. Nothing ever gets done, no information is every given, its all speeches, virtue signalling and bluster. Honestly since we pay for this as well, maybe QP should just be cancelled all together.

  4. Instead of buying water bombers in Alberta, all they do is squander money. And all the carbon tax will put out fires. How come media doesn't question this? Too tough a question?

  5. This is not funny trading out our insurance on political gains to bring peace should not become a movie to laugh at the undermined class who obtained a faster age of education due to the society they were raised in.


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