Canada, US to see above-normal Atlantic hurricane season, officials stress to “be prepared”


The Atlantic hurricane season for 2024 is looking to be an “extraordinary” year, with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issuing what it said was the “highest ever” number of named storms and hurricanes its ever given.

The agency expects 17 to 25 named storms, eight to 13 hurricanes and four to seven which are expected to form into major storms of Category 3 or higher.

As Sean Previl reports, while no named storms have yet been announced, officials say now is the time to get prepared.

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  1. The like how the Weather Network bombards us here in Canada about floods in little turd countries I have never even heard of, sponsored by Steven (Spiderman) Guilbeau and his lobbyist scientists.

  2. Canadian’s should be paying a hurricane tax ! We all know that more money to the liberals will reduce hurricanes! Just like carbon, if you give the liberals money carbon magically disappears! It’s all so simple!


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