Canada called out for defence spending by U.S. senators | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos


U.S. senators are urging Canada to increase its spending on defence. Retired Gen. Tom Lawson and retired Vice-Admiral Mark Norman weigh in.

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  1. Trump needs to tell NATO delinquent members that not only do they need to spend 2% this year but make up for the 2% that they have missing for decades or they will be kicked out of NATO.

  2. USA lost Vietnam, Afghanistan, losing Ukraine, Siria, Iraq, it's currency is diminishing, it's borders are unguarded, the homeless is unreal and it's bankrupt.
    USA politicians want endless war against the world then I don't want to be a party to this madness.

  3. Spend the money. Canada has been a major participant in every major commonwealth conflict. Canada was amongst the most capable militaries in both world wars. We need to be ready to show our strength as a strong and free nation and defend western values like our 4 fathers did so proudly. Spend the 2 percent and stop sending it to foreign countries we must be ready to defend ourselves and our allies.

    2 years Conscription for every male 17 to 20. It has large social positives. In brings our mosaic together in a military brotherhood. Canada should have a really strong military.

  4. Reminder in 2020 team trudeau (CONservatives, bloc and liberals) voted NO on a wealth and inheritance tax. 4 years later we have the largest wealth inequality gap, 50 billionaires and thousands of multimillionaires. Well done team Trudeau.

  5. Step One: remove Bill Blair from all involvement with the Canadian government – regardless of whether it's public or private sector. He destroys everything he touches.


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