Breaking: New bill to grant citizenship rights to children born abroad proposed by Immigration minister

Immigration minister expected to table bill extending citizenship rights to children born abroad

“Canada, known for its welcoming and inclusive nature, is expected to make a significant change in its citizenship laws today. Immigration Minister Marc Miller is set to reveal legislation that could finally extend citizenship to children born outside of the country. This potential shift comes after years of controversy surrounding the rights of “Lost Canadians”, individuals who were stripped of their Canadian citizenship due to amendments made in 1977 and 2009.

The Struggle of the Lost Canadians

Back in 2009, the Conservative government implemented a law that prevented Canadian parents born abroad from passing down their citizenship unless their child was born within Canada. This change left many individuals without access to citizenship rights, leading to the creation of the term “Lost Canadians”. These individuals have faced numerous obstacles and hardships due to their lack of official Canadian citizenship.

A Call for Equality and Justice

Last year, the Ontario Superior Court ruled that the current citizenship system unfairly creates two classes of Canadians. The court gave Ottawa a deadline until June 19 to address and resolve this issue. The potential legislation to be introduced by Minister Miller signals a step towards rectifying this unjust situation. It is a call for equality and justice for those who have been marginalized and excluded from their rightful citizenship rights.

The Challenge of Determining Connection

While this move is a positive step forward, there are challenges ahead in determining the criteria for establishing a significant enough connection to Canada to warrant citizenship. The government will need to navigate this issue carefully to ensure fairness and consistency in the citizenship process. It will be crucial to balance inclusivity with the need to uphold the integrity of Canadian citizenship.

In conclusion, the upcoming legislation on extending citizenship to children born outside of Canada is a pivotal moment in addressing the plight of Lost Canadians and rectifying the injustices they have faced. It is a step towards building a more inclusive and equitable society where all individuals have access to their fundamental citizenship rights. Let us hope that this change will mark the beginning of a more just and fair system for all Canadians.”



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