Writers Guild of Canada labour deal offers pay increases and AI provisions

Pay increases, AI provisions included in Writers Guild of Canada labour deal

“Canadian Writers Guild Signs New Contract with AI Protections and Pay Increases”

The Writers Guild of Canada recently announced a groundbreaking new three-year contract with the Canadian Media Producers Association that will not only boost pay for writers but also introduce vital protections against artificial intelligence. This development marks a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to ensure fair treatment and compensation for writers in the entertainment industry.

Pay Increases and Fee Structures:
Under the new Independent Production Agreement, live action script fees are set to increase by five, four, and 3.5 percent over the next three years. The animation script fees will also see a significant boost of five, 11.5, and 3.6 percent during the same period. These pay raises are designed to reflect the value and expertise that writers bring to the table in crafting compelling stories for film, television, and digital content.

AI Protections and Staffing Requirements:
One of the most notable aspects of the new contract is the implementation of safeguards against workplace discrimination and harassment. Additionally, starting in 2025, producers will be required to have two story editors for most principal photography on larger productions, ensuring that writers have the support and guidance they need to excel in their creative endeavors.

The ratification of this new contract between the Writers Guild of Canada and the Canadian Media Producers Association is a significant step forward in ensuring fair compensation and protections for writers in the entertainment industry. By upholding the value of writers and providing them with the necessary resources to succeed, this agreement sets a positive precedent for the future of storytelling and creativity in Canada.



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