What is the solution to high grocery prices? MPs debate | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos


MPs join Vassy Kapelos to debate the solution to high grocery prices as the NDP pushes for an excess profits tax.

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  1. What does inflation getting lower means when a chips bag has shrinked by half but sells for same price? We are still getting less for our money. And what happened exactly for the food to inflate so high? We are importing all from other countries and shipping costs have increased because transport companies havent lowered their price after the pandemic? There is a shortage of goods? The population has suddendly doubled and there is not enough supply for the demand? Is it the supply/demand that is at play? Suddenly grocery stores are no longer throwing food in the bin because it didn't sold and expired? Or is it because producers, manufacturers and groceries suddenly got greedy and wanted to increase their profit to please their stockholders? I seriously don't see what is the cause of this steep increase other than greed.

  2. More foreign grocers and we'll have no more Canadian owned businesses.
    Walmart and Costco are not even engaging in this discussion yet more foreign grocers is their only answer?

  3. How are the conservatives going to fix anything if they can't even answer a question. Every answer is Justin this or Justin that. What about you guys? What are you going to do?
    Repeated lines and slogans aren't answers. Stop blaming and lead the way.

  4. Why aren’t we talking about increasing food supply? Dairy, meat and grain cartels limit the domestic supply of essentials. These Boards need to allow farmers to produce more to improve the supply/demand situation. Taxes won’t fix this.

  5. I love how Taleeb can say that "to have competition is a big big win for Canadians"…….yeah, maybe set your sight on Bell, Rogers and Telus and how they use the CRTC to gouge the life out of Canada and have been doing it forever. I guess we only want to pick and choose what industries allow competition. Its all corrupt.

  6. Vassy is one of the best journalists I have ever witnessed. She comes through with facts and brings real questions to politicians who duck around. Why don't they EVER answer the question straight??!! But I love Vassy's followup questions and facts.

  7. I went to the store to buy pop they're raised Hst by 2% on the bills say 13%, and it didn't add up. So really today, Wednesday HST is now 15% Liberal and NDP just added 2% hike on food pay cheques or other places we pay HST is higher, not brighter. The government thinks we weren't going to notice oops ?

  8. How about an excess profit tax on Taleeb, who has personally affected housing affordability by personally flipping 41 properties (half within 12 months of owning them) for $4.9 million in personal profits? Hypocrisy at its finest!

  9. Government is always the problem carbon tax inflationary spending limited resource extraction failure to log forests to provide lumber for buildings instead they let the fires burn government corruption is the problem

  10. GroceryFlation = GreedFlation ?
    NDP called that term months ago. Why does NDP not add this urgent demand to penalize grocery companies doing the GroceryFlation ( GreedFlation ) as a Non-Confident Vote this month so this reality of financial pain is resolved completely ?

  11. 20%? Foreign supplies?
    Same box of eggs from 8 to13, and same bag of flour from 6 to 10. Both are over 60% increase in the last three years, and both are Domestic production.

  12. kids school food program what a load of crap. just let parents take home more money so that we can all afford food for our kids, not big governments taking control of our kids by giving them food


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