WestJet, a Calgary company, urges federal review of aviation funding model for SEO clickthru rate

Calgary-based WestJet calls for federal review of aviation funding model

“Is Canada’s aviation infrastructure funding model fair? The CEO of WestJet Airlines certainly doesn’t think so. Alexis von Hoensbroech is pushing for a federal government review of how airports and aviation infrastructure are funded in Canada, challenging the current “user pay” system.

The Issue at Hand

Canada’s major airports operate on federally owned lands, managed by private, not-for-profit organizations. These airports must pay rent to the federal government based on a percentage of their revenues. To cover these costs, airports charge fees to airlines, businesses, and passengers through various surcharges like “airport improvement fees.”

The Consequences

According to von Hoensbroech, these charges add up and ultimately drive up the cost of flying in Canada. This, in turn, impacts the affordability of air travel for Canadians. WestJet believes that by eliminating airport rents, the federal government could make air travel more accessible and affordable for all.

A Call for Change

The call for a review of Canada’s aviation infrastructure funding model raises important questions about fairness and accessibility in the air travel industry. Should the burden of funding airport infrastructure solely fall on passengers and airlines, or should the government play a more significant role in ensuring affordability and accessibility for all Canadians?


As discussions around the future of aviation infrastructure funding in Canada continue, one thing is clear – a balance must be struck between the financial sustainability of airports and the affordability of air travel for Canadians. It’s time to consider alternative funding models that prioritize fairness, accessibility, and affordability in the aviation industry. After all, shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to spread their wings and explore the world?”



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