Turbulence cases appear to be soaring globally, so how can you stay safe?


The Singapore Airlines incident this week that left one person dead and dozens injured after hitting turbulence has highlighted the risks that can come when your plane flies through such rough air.

Experts say turbulence can be caused by various factors like storms or flying over mountain ranges, but one of the most dangerous is known as “clear-air turbulence” because there’s no way to know if you are going to fly into it.

As Sean Previl explains, there are ways air travellers can stay safe and it takes one simple step, even if it may seem obvious.

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  1. There is nothing you can do about turbulence, but protect yourself, by Keeping you seat belt buckled. The injuries that happened this week were the fault of the passengers that did not remain buckled !!!!

  2. They are preparing something new for us because when they start making a lot of noise about something through media propaganda…you know they are going to serve us up with the next scam. Are you still not used to these dangers that attack us unexpectedly and that only they can face them… in the name of our safety?? For at least one or to years we will enjoy and learn more about turbulence caused from irresponsible aliens which are against liberals and don't want Trudeau to be once more premiere!| You never know…same as before!

  3. What a clownish article. Who does the research for Global – Mickey Mouse? Without updrafts and downdrafts (turbulence) gliding wouldn't even exist. You can go from a thousand feet to 10,000 feet in no time at all. In commercial aircraft I always keep my seat belt buckled. Global should do the same, since all their hot air contributes to the turbulence. Perhaps this is a plug for Trudeau's carbon tax? I can see it now – Canadians carbon tax turbulence out of existence….LMAO

  4. Whenever I fly, once seated on board, I start praying for safe travel, for the crew and passengers. I always have my seatbelt on; except when going to washroom. I had been to Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, travel was enjoyable

  5. yes the solar system is in upheaval, the suns 400 yr dormancy brings extreme weather and crop failures that r already occurring , and planetary squaring this fall,, hang on its going to shake earth

  6. This turbulence stories make me worrying about our climate change defenders. How will they fly their business jets here and there between conferences?
    And how Taylor Swift will go shopping for bread?


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