Trudeau, Poilievre debate affordability, carbon tax: “Why are Canadians so hungry?”


During question period in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre hotly debated the country’s affordability crisis and what’s being done to make life more affordable.

Following the recent release of data about food bank usage in Canada, Poilievre asked Trudeau: “Why is it that Canadians who can’t feed themselves have to keep feeding his morbidly obese government?”

Trudeau said social programs like the senior dental care plan and school lunch programs will help Canadians. However, Poilievre criticized the school lunch program, claiming zero meals have been served.

“If government programs were really going to solve the problem he caused, then why are Canadians so hungry?” Poilievre asked.

Poilievre also took aim at carbon pricing, reiterating his claims that it contributes to rising costs of living. He asked, “If it [carbon tax] gets that high and people are all starving in the streets, will that stop the forest fires?” Trudeau defended the policy, claiming rebates help Canadians while fighting climate change.

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  1. Trudumb debating affordability: Why dont they just use their trust fund.

    Why would you expect someone who never worked or struggled to pay a bill to understand such things.

  2. Did you read the description?
    I did.
    Three words told me not to watch the video.
    "During question period".
    I stopped reading and only saw a word that looked long enough to be "period" that started with the letter "p" because I had to write this.
    I won't watch proceedings in the house of commons that have been directed at the public.
    It's all supposed to be directed at the public, but media consumers and creators know better and cannot suggest otherwise with any credibility, in my opinion.
    I was interested in what they might have to say, where they can each be sued for lying.
    That is everywhere outside the house of commons.
    Since they "debated" in the house of commons, I already know better than to pose as a masochist for alphabet and co.

  3. Why focus on feeding kids who go to school hungry when he can just help the whole family better afford to feed their whole family? It makes zero sense. He's effectively admitting he made food unaffordable, but is only offering to feed the kids at school- making everyone dependent on the government. I'm so sick of Trudeau and his cronies!!

  4. Trudeau has been commanded by Schwab to implement a carbon tax. He literally couldn't stop it if he wanted to. JT knows that it is more dangerous to cross Schwab than the citizens of Canada so guess what, the only way to end it will be to remove Trudeau from the equation.

  5. Trudeau isn’t hungry. He’s a trust fund baby who makes over 400K per year. He’s never worked a day in his life. What does he care about food banks, grocery prices, or food prices? He doesn’t shop for his own groceries, he has taxpayer paid staff to do that.

  6. Why wont trudeau mention the billions he himself took combined for his WE scandal, snc lavelin scandal, arrivecan scandal and loblaws scandal, the billions he gives for illegal immigrants? Right because trudeau is a traitor to canada

  7. Anyone have any credible sources on what Piere's actual plans are for Canada?
    All this and other media seems to like to do is put little clips in about him trash talking Justin.

  8. Common sense , the truth and reality. The bottom line. Carbon tax is having no effect on fighting global climate change . The only thing it's doing is hurting Canadians financially. Carbon Tax is a scam /cash grab to increase the Liberal coffers to squander. Trudeau cares for Trudeau and no one else not Canada and not Canadians////////////////////

  9. Google Trudeau and this came up: "A grifter is a con artist: someone who swindles people out of money through fraud. If there's one type of person you don't want to trust, it's a grifter: someone who cheats others out of money. Grifters are also known as chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers, swindlers, and flim-flam men."

  10. Why would you return carbon tax money in a tax redistribution vote buying scheme? Why wouldn’t they buy water bombers to at least dump water on communities houses in danger zone of being burnt down

  11. No more carbon taxes for Canadians. It has been a nightmare to live in Canada with all these back breaking taxes and high interest rates. People care getting broke and going homeless.


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