Trudeau losing support among both Muslims and Jews


On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed recent polling from Angus Reid that shows Trudeau’s popularity among all religious groups is plummeting.

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  1. Jt is fulfilling Gods plan to show Canadians the Revelation prophesies about the Last Days is before us!!! God raises and destroys leaders [Daniel 2:21].
    And He’s keeping jT in place so we can see what it will soon be like, according to Revelation, when the evil world leader IS in control.

    Accept Jesus’s sacrifice to be saved from your sins and escape Gods coming judgment on the WHOLE world.

  2. Let’s get real …
    If the globalist puppet loses support of the Jews then it is good bye Charlie in milliseconds!
    If he loses support of Muslims or Christians or most other groups then it does not really matter that much.
    Does this help??

  3. The wealthy people of this country vote for liberals. It's an upper-class, look down on the litte people political party and most Jewish community members are financially very well off. So what if the turd sides with the mus slims these top of the 1% are above all that, and the liberals are their kinda people.


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