Register for the new credential in Alberta for those without high school diplomas, replacing the GED.


“New Era of Adult Education in Alberta: Introducing the Canadian Adult Education Credential

In a groundbreaking move, the Alberta government has announced the launch of the Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) to replace the traditional General Educational Development (GED) credential. This new credential aims to cater to the diverse needs of adult learners in the province and reflect the multicultural landscape of Canada.

Development and Implementation of CAEC

The Alberta government, in collaboration with eight provinces and territories, has taken the lead in developing the CAEC. Drawing on Alberta’s expertise in conducting assessments like Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams, the CAEC promises to offer a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience.

Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides expressed his pride in Alberta’s role as a trusted leader in education excellence, highlighting the province’s commitment to empowering adult learners. The CAEC will encompass testing in essential subjects like reading, writing, math, science, and social studies in both English and French, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of learners.

Continued Recognition and Transition

For those who have previously completed their GED tests, the Alberta government has assured that the results can be applied towards CAEC tests in the same subjects for up to three years. Additionally, the GED will continue to hold validity as a recognized credential, offering a smooth transition for learners.

Conclusion: Embracing Educational Diversity

As Alberta sets the stage for a new era in adult education with the introduction of the CAEC, it sends a strong message of inclusivity and adaptability in the educational landscape. By embracing the diverse needs of learners and staying attuned to the changing educational paradigms, the province paves the way for a more inclusive and accessible learning environment for all.”



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