RCMP investigation sparked by DNA connection between U.S. serial killer and 4 Calgary cold cases in B.C.

RCMP probe B.C. tips after DNA links U.S serial killer to 4 Calgary cold cases

“Alberta RCMP’s recent announcement of a breakthrough in cold cases sent shockwaves through the community. The revelation that Gary Allen Srery was responsible for the brutal assault and murder of four young women in Calgary, dating back almost half a century, left many reeling.

Connecting the dots
Now, as investigators follow up on seven tips, some originating from British Columbia where Srery resided for two decades, the scope of his crimes is being further revealed. Staff Sergeant Travis McKenzie of the RCMP Historical Homicide Unit shed light on this development, stating that some tips relate to cases in B.C., particularly on the West Coast.

Unraveling the dark past
Srery’s criminal background in the U.S., marked by sex crimes against young women, set the stage for his reign of terror in Canada. After fleeing the U.S. in the 1970s and entering Canada illegally, he roamed between Calgary and B.C. for years, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. His eventual deportation back to the U.S. in 2003 came too late for the victims of his heinous crimes.

The power of DNA technology
The breakthrough in the Calgary cold cases came through advancements in DNA science, linking Srery to the crimes even after his death in 2011. This technological progress opens the door to potentially solving more unsolved cases, offering a glimmer of hope to families and investigators alike. As McKenzie aptly put it, technology has evolved, making it easier to identify perpetrators with smaller DNA samples.

A call for accountability
Retired criminal profiler Jim Van Allen emphasized Srery’s status as a prime suspect in unsolved sexual homicides across Canada. The need for closure and justice for the victims and their families looms large, fueling the persistence of law enforcement agencies in unraveling these cold cases. The RCMP’s historical homicide investigators stand ready to pursue any new leads that may come to light, driven by a commitment to seeking accountability for past atrocities.

In the quest for justice and closure, the resolve of law enforcement and the resilience of communities are put to the test. As the shadows of the past are illuminated by the light of modern technology, may we never forget the victims and the lives cut short by senseless violence. Let us honor their memory by continuing to shine a light on the darkness of unsolved crimes, hopeful for a future where justice prevails.”



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