@OzraeliAvi CONFRONTS 7News over Network’s lies following explosive court ruling


Rebel reporter @OzraeliAvi confronts Channel 7’s Nick McCallum over the network’s biased coverage of freedom activist Nick Patterson as they finally decide to do their job outside Melbourne’s County Court. ?SHARE THE FULL STORY: ?Help us finish the studio: ?DON’T MISS A THING:

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  1. Goes much deeper then the "police". Who gave the okay or the orders for the police to operate the way they did ? Obviously the MSM (just like here in the U.S.) are connected to the government as is the police. Now that the truth has been revealed and narrative defeated it should be no surprise that dishonest (most polite word I could think of) people like the MSM, law enforcement and governments are trying to rewrite history.

  2. The Fake News Media never apologizes for the lies they've spread. They don't care if they destroyed this man's life. These "journalists" are absolutely disgusting!

  3. So Nick fought to keep the prosecution from presenting evidence that would be detrimental to his case and then claims this proves him innocent.
    Then he claims he wants the truth reported.

  4. Talking with 2 tongues, changing story, denying responibility. Always the same blablabla nonsense from these left wing woke people. They are so weak they can not even debate with you, because they have no arguments. Sad humans

  5. 7 news is fake establishment news from Australia. They like to gas light and lie to the Australian public on a daily basis. It's easy to see through their bias and lies though and even easier to simply turn it off.


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