Ontario LTC nurses receive a significant 11.5% salary boost over the next 2 years

Ontario LTC nurses get 11.5 per cent pay increase over 2 years

“Ontario Nurses to Receive Significant Wage Increase After Arbitration Decision

Nurses working in long-term care homes in Ontario are in for a substantial pay raise, marking the most significant wage increase in over three decades, according to their union, the Ontario Nurses’ Association.

The Decision:
The recent arbitration decision has resulted in a pay bump for members of the Ontario Nurses’ Association, equating to approximately 11.5% over the course of two years. The awarded increases are set at three percent annually for two years, with salary grid amounts seeing an increase of around 5.5% effective July 1.

The Numbers:
The starting wage for registered nurses in long-term care homes will see an increase from $32.22 per hour to $33.99, while the top eight-year rate will rise from $48.78 to $51.46.

President’s Response:
Erin Ariss, President of the Ontario Nurses’ Association, views this decision as a positive step towards recognizing the highly skilled work that nurses and health professionals carry out in the sector. While noting that the wage gap between public and private-sector nurses still exists, she believes that this decision significantly reduces the disparity and moves closer to achieving equal wages.

Final Thoughts:
The decision to increase wages for nurses in long-term care homes in Ontario is a step in the right direction towards acknowledging the invaluable contribution of healthcare professionals. It is imperative that fair compensation is provided to these essential workers, reflecting the challenging and crucial work they do on a daily basis. Let this decision serve as a reminder of the importance of supporting and valuing our healthcare workers, who are the backbone of our society.”



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