Liberals deny Toronto’s decriminalization exemption as B.C. walks back pilot project


Last week the Justin Trudeau Liberals rejected the City of Toronto’s request to decriminalize illicit hard drugs, an exemption made possible under federal statute that was first piloted by the ultra-progressive province of British Columbia.

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  1. Canada’s major urban centres are in a state of decay and chaos. All levels of government appear to be blaming each other, and no one is stepping in to take a stand and help restore public safety. Add your name here to demand our politicians take steps to restore safety:

  2. has to be half an mill to remove via depopulation in TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ask yourself, do you think anyone cares? Do you think you’ll get a thank you from them? Do you think they’ll ever do the same for us? When was the last time anyone protested against American standards or incidents out side American borders?

    The simple truth, if you can’t answer these basic questions then you don’t deserve basic living standards in America. You need to live where you think your “helping” if you think that’s wrong or pointless then your entire life’s purpose is equally worthless.

  4. How can criminal law be different in different parts of the country. That is insane. We are all equal before the law according to the law yet something is a crime in Toronto and not in Vancouver. How does that work if you end up in a court charged with a criminal offence for something that is not a crime in another city? That would be an interesting case to take to the Supreme Court.

  5. Funny how the Chinese people in Parliament are promoting drugs for most of the chemicals come from China that they need to make them look around you ever see a Chinese or Pakistani drug addict not many but yet all the heroin and fentanyl in the world is produced by those countries

  6. The most effective and available solution is 12 step programs which are also free. The government and mental health big business never bothers to mention this because they can't control or profit from them. I am a 13 years sober addict/alcoholic.

  7. Why aren't you telling your clueless ConservativeCult followers about the "deliberate wage suppression" by the Alberta Conservative government? That directly benefits the real-estate industry and all other corporations? Type this into your search engine… "Alberta wage suppression" and find out why cost of living is so high.

  8. Rebel News spoke with Dr. Julian Somers a professor at Simon Fraser University and a psychiatrist who has studied and worked with drugs and addiction.
    Apparently the NDP government in B.C. rejected his proposals for harm reduction for addicts. Dr. Somers also said that there were individuals well placed in the area of research and education on the drug crisis that started businesses to take advantage of safe supply to addicts. The foxes guarding the hen house from predators.


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