HUGE WIN: Prosecutor throws out Toronto police charges against David Menzies


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David Menzies provides an update on his big legal victory, with the Crown prosecutor throwing out charges levied against him by Toronto police while he was covering an anti-Israel protest.
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  1. The process is the punishment! Yes,so true. It is anxiety producing , time consuming and costly. They should reimburse him and compensate for all the damage they’ve caused him

  2. Looks to me like we have an Islamic state quickly growing in Canada. Deep dislike for Jewish people, check. Unwillingness to hear any other view but their own, check. Demand people give up their personal rights to appease their demonstrations, check. Violent acts, check. Praying in the middle of the street, check. Cheers of Intifada and river to the sea, check.

  3. Not only do you have the right to sue the police, the ones that arrested you need to be reprimanded for failing to follow the law. Most places of work will issue a suspension or have a record of you if you make a mistake. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake , thats how you learn. The police should not get any special treatment.

  4. These Palestinians are an awfully excitable bunch. Menzies seems to set them off. That kind of behavior may be acceptable in Gaza, but it is frowned upon by more civilized societies. Their continued presence is like having a stone in your shoe. Annoying, painful and in need of being removed.

  5. When are Canadians going to learn that they DO NOT live in a free country ???
    It literally says so in your Charter Bill of Rights.
    "the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits"
    — REASONABLE LIMITS ? That is code for the Government decides when your rights and freedoms are reasonable. WAKE UP CANADA !!! You are becoming even more tyrannical than we are in the States.


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