Grassroots UCP vaccine safety townhall deplatformed by Eventbrite


The Calgary-Lougheed Constituency Association’s President Darrell Komick shared that the event will proceed and alternative ticket arrangements are already in the works.

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  1. So a group of experts want to have a detailed discussion on their area of expertise? And a group of uninformed, non-experts want to prevent such a discussion? In what way does such action advance human knowledge?

  2. Why aren't you telling your clueless ConservativeCult followers about the "deliberate wage suppression" by the Alberta Conservative government? That directly benefits the real-estate industry and all other corporations? Type this into your search engine… "Alberta wage suppression" and find out why cost of living is so high.

  3. Time to sue the Colleges and the science will not be in their favour. They have enforced inappropriate constraints on physicians thereby preventing physicians from giving their patients the necessary information required for their patients to make informed consent. This is absolutely scandalous.

  4. It’s astonishing how politicians, corporations, media and online platforms are conspiring to shut down any dissent and prevent any attempts to uncover the truth. This tells me they really have something to hide.
    Why they still call this democracy?

  5. Start pulling provincial business licenses that are attacking these informational debates from occurring!! Also, we need to start suing the Medical Regulatory Boards for their threats, and misleading the public with their "safe and effective," narratives!!

  6. The military will be forcing the injections in the arms of the independent thinkers next “pandemic”.
    Time to flee Canada.
    My grandparents migrated here for freedom and I’m migrating out for freedom.
    Sad days for Canada .

  7. Every time I see the blue "we know better than you" notice under a video I can be assured that they are linking me to mis-information. If you follow the link in the blue panel you will see it take you to the CDC website where they recommend that 6 month old babies get the vaccine. This is absolute BS… The CDC is a tool of the political left in this country! As such I always report that blue panel as misinformation.


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