Global National: May 22, 2024 | Will British PM Sunak’s snap election gamble pay off?


In tonight’s top story: United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called a snap general election for July 4 in a stunning move that even caught members of his own Conservative party off guard. Crystal Goomansingh looks at why Sunak is making this political gamble and how voters feel about heading to the polls this summer.

As the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza drags on, Ireland, Norway and Spain are all planning to formally recognize a Palestinian state. Mike Armstrong explains why those countries chose to make the historic but mostly-symbolic step and how the move has angered Israel.

Rescuers are searching for survivors after a deadly tornado struck Iowa, ripping through homes, tossing cars aside, and tearing through trees. As Jackson Proskow reports, it is just the start of an already-devastating tornado season in that state.

London Drugs says it is “unwilling and unable” to pay the $25 million ransom demanded by cybercriminals who breached the Western Canadian pharmacy and retailer’s computer systems in April, which prompted the company to close all of its 79 stores for several days. Heather Yourex-West explains what this could mean for London Drugs’ staff and customers.

The Canadian government, which spent billions on COVID-19 rapid tests during the height of the pandemic, says it will stop supplying provinces and territories with those tests. Heidi Petracek explains the federal government’s move and the reaction from some provinces and doctors.

Plus, while diehard sports fans always want to be close to the action, it can sometimes have unintended consequences. Eric Sorensen has the story of Liz McGuire, who got hit in the face by a vicious foul ball from Toronto Blue Jay Bo Bichette, how she handled her sudden injury and how the team made it up to her.

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  1. Gaza Should Never Be Granted A Palestinian State.
    Doing So Would Be Accepting What Happened On October 7th 2023 As An Event That Should Be Ignored.
    Gaza Has So Many Terrorist; WHY GIVE THEM APPROVAL ?????

  2. The kidnapped Israeli women were not “working near the border”!! They are Israeli soldiers doing what’s called “spotting” – staring at monitors showing surveillance footage of Gaza. They also repeatedly warned their lieutenants that there was increased activity that looked like it was leading up to an attack on Israel. Higher up the command chain, the command came back for the spotters to “shut up” and stop reporting this. So who is to blame that they were kidnapped?

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  4. The line of action of Canada toward the Palestinian issue is way better than the American one: instead of providing weapons to the abusive Israeli government, it's supporting the right of the Palestinian people to finally getting Statehood! But not to Hamas!!


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