Former prison judge suggests Robert Pickton transferred to Quebec for safety reasons, SEO click for more insights

Robert Pickton's safety likely behind Quebec transfer, says ex-prison judge

“Why Robert Pickton’s Transfer Raises Questions About Prison Safety”

Sub-heading: The Mysterious Transfer of Robert Pickton

When notorious serial killer Robert Pickton was quietly transferred from British Columbia to a maximum security prison in Quebec, many were left wondering about the reasons behind this move. Darryl Plecas, a former prison judge at Kent, sheds some light on the possible motivations behind this decision.

Plecas suggests that Pickton’s safety may have been at risk at Kent, prompting the transfer to a different facility. Pickton, who is now hospitalized in Quebec City with life-threatening injuries after a major assault, was being held at the Port-Cartier Institution at the time of the incident.

Sub-heading: The Challenges of Managing High-Profile Inmates

According to Plecas, inmates like Pickton are usually placed in protective custody for their own safety, rather than to protect others. Given Pickton’s physical condition and stature, he may have been vulnerable to threats within the general prison population. Protective custody is designed to keep inmates like Pickton away from potential harm, but there are still risks, especially for those who are considered unwelcome even in a segregated unit.


The recent attack on Robert Pickton raises important questions about prison safety and the management of high-profile inmates. As the correctional service and Quebec police investigate this incident, it highlights the challenges of dealing with interactions between inmates in a maximum security setting. The case of Pickton serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between protecting inmates and ensuring their safety within the prison system. In the end, it underscores the need for continuous evaluation and improvement in the management of high-risk individuals behind bars.



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