Filmmaker Presents Toxic Drug Crisis Documentary to BC MLAs

Filmmaker takes toxic drug crisis documentary to B.C. MLAs

“Unveiling the Human Faces Behind B.C.’s Ongoing Drug Crisis”

Imagine a province plagued by a deadly drug crisis, claiming an average of six lives every single day. This is the harsh reality facing British Columbia, with over 2,500 lives lost in 2023 alone. Beyond the grim statistics lies a profound human cost, explored in a new documentary titled “Toxic.”

A Glimpse into the Film

“Toxic” is not just another documentary; it’s a heartfelt attempt to shed light on the devastating impact of B.C.’s drug crisis. Directed and produced by Rob Colbourne, a Global BC camera operator, the film delves deep into the raw and honest truths surrounding addiction and its repercussions.

Humanizing the Crisis

Over a span of four years, the filmmakers behind “Toxic” diligently collected stories from individuals battling addiction, first responders, advocates, and family members. Their goal? To humanize a crisis that often gets reduced to mere numbers in monthly reports. According to harm reduction and recovery expert Guy Fellicella, the stigma surrounding addiction can be just as lethal as the drugs themselves. It is crucial for society to change its perception of those struggling with addiction to encourage seeking support and assistance.

The Call for Change

In a bid to spark conversation and action, several B.C. MLAs attended a sold-out screening of “Toxic.” Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau moderated a panel discussion following the screening, emphasizing the need for diverse and tailored approaches to address the crisis. The film’s director, Colbourne, envisions its widespread dissemination in high schools across the province to educate the younger generation about the harsh realities of B.C.’s drug crisis.


The documentary “Toxic” serves as a poignant reminder of the real faces and stories behind the devastating drug crisis in British Columbia. It challenges us to rethink our perceptions, break down stigma, and work towards a more compassionate and effective response to support those affected by addiction. As we navigate this ongoing crisis, may we remember the lives lost, the families impacted, and the urgent need for meaningful change.”



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