Fancy pigeon enjoys free range living in British Columbia family’s home

Fancy pigeon lives free range in a B.C. family's home

“Meet Pidge: The Fancy Pigeon Who Found a Forever Home”

Sub-heading: A Chance Encounter
Chrissy Chin never expected that volunteering to take in an abandoned fancy pigeon would lead to ordering custom-made diapers for him. Living in Aldergrove, B.C., Chin often cares for injured or abandoned birds temporarily on her hobby farm. When she saw a Reddit post about an English trumpeter pigeon found in rough shape in a Burnaby Park, she offered to help. Little did she know that this rescue mission would turn into something much more.

Sub-heading: From Rescue to Family
“Pidge,” as the pigeon came to be known, quickly became a beloved pet in Chin’s home. Despite initially being housed in the barn, Pidge showed a strong attachment to Chin. His aloofness towards other birds and love for Chin led to his permanent residence inside the house. Pidge now sleeps in Chin’s bedroom, follows her around the house, and even rides in the car. However, he does have a contentious relationship with one member of the family – Chin’s husband.

Chin’s dedication to Pidge goes beyond just providing a home. She ensures he is comfortable by changing his custom-made diapers, offering daily baths, and providing a loving environment for him to thrive in. Pidge’s antics and unique personality have truly made him a part of the family, despite his occasional scuffles with Chin’s husband.

The story of Pidge and Chin is a heartwarming tale of compassion, fate, and unexpected friendships. Despite the odds, a chance encounter led to a forever home for a pigeon who now holds a special place in Chin’s heart. It serves as a reminder that animals, no matter how unconventional, have the capacity to become cherished members of our families. In a world where kindness and understanding are precious commodities, Pidge’s story is a shining example of the beautiful connections that can be formed when we open our hearts and homes to those in need.



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