Expert suggests Robert Pickton’s move to Quebec was likely for safety reasons

Robert Pickton's Quebec move likely for safety: ex-prison judge

“Notorious serial killer Robert Pickton is currently in a Quebec City hospital with life-threatening injuries after being the victim of a major assault at Port-Cartier Institution. This incident has sparked questions about the circumstances that led to the attack, as well as the implications for the Canadian prison system as a whole. Former prison judge Darryl Plecas and corrections reform expert Howard Sapers offer insights into the possible reasons behind the transfer of Pickton from Kent Institution to Quebec, the risks associated with protective custody, and the challenges faced by correctional facilities in managing inmate interactions.”

**The Mystery Behind the Transfer**
When Robert Pickton was moved from Kent Institution in British Columbia to Port-Cartier in Quebec, the reasons for the transfer were not publicly disclosed by correctional authorities. Darryl Plecas, who served as a prison judge at Kent, speculates that Pickton’s safety may have been the primary concern. Given Pickton’s physical condition and vulnerability, protective custody was essential to prevent threats from the general prison population. Plecas emphasizes the need for security measures to ensure the safety of high-profile inmates like Pickton.

**Uncovering the Truth**
Howard Sapers, a seasoned expert in corrections reform, raises important questions about the circumstances surrounding the assault on Pickton. As a former correctional investigator of Canada, Sapers highlights the challenges faced by federal penitentiaries in preventing acts of violence. The sudden nature of such incidents makes it difficult to anticipate and address potential threats within correctional facilities. The investigation into the attack on Pickton will shed light on the underlying issues contributing to violence in prisons.

**Lessons Learned and Moving Forward**
Federal Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc has promised a thorough review of the incident involving Pickton to identify areas for improvement. Howard Sapers, as the chair of the Structured Intervention Unit Implementation Advisory Panel, emphasizes the need for proactive measures to address staffing, program access, and capacity issues in prisons. By implementing lessons learned from such incidents, corrections facilities can better manage inmate interactions and ensure a safe environment for both inmates and staff.

Overall, the assault on Robert Pickton serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges within the Canadian prison system. As the investigation unfolds and corrective actions are taken, the focus remains on improving security protocols, enhancing inmate safety, and fostering a culture of accountability within correctional institutions. Only by addressing these underlying issues can we strive towards a more effective and humane prison system for all individuals involved.”



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