Discover Why Finding Housing in Canada is Challenging for International Students

Signage marks the Statistics Canada offices in Ottawa on July 21, 2010. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

“International students in Canada faced housing challenges in 2021, with a new Statistics Canada report revealing startling disparities between their living conditions and those of Canadian-born students. Let’s delve into the findings and explore the implications of this growing issue.

### The Housing Disparity
According to the report, international students were more likely to live in unsuitable housing compared to their Canadian counterparts. Among international students, those from India were particularly affected, with a higher likelihood of residing in inadequate accommodation. In municipalities like Brampton, Ont. and Surrey, B.C., where Indian students made up a significant portion of the international student population, over 60% were found to be living in unsuitable housing conditions.

### The Impact
One of the key criteria for suitable housing is ensuring that adults have their own bedroom if they are not part of a couple. The rise in international student enrollment in Canada has not only strained the housing market but has also highlighted the affordability challenges faced by students. With over one million international students in the country by 2023, representing a 29% increase from the previous year, the pressure on finding adequate and affordable housing is intensifying.

As we reflect on these findings, it’s crucial to consider the broader implications of this housing disparity on international students, the housing market, and the community at large. How can we address these challenges and work towards a more inclusive and equitable living environment for all students in Canada?

The report serves as a wake-up call to policymakers, institutions, and communities to prioritize the housing needs of international students and take proactive steps to ensure they have access to safe, affordable, and suitable accommodation. As Canada continues to attract a growing number of international students, it is essential to create a welcoming and supportive environment that extends to their living conditions. Let’s strive for a future where every student, regardless of their background, can pursue their education without having to compromise on the basic need for a safe and suitable place to call home.”



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