Discover the incredible population growth in Calgary for 2023 according to Stats Canada

An aerial view of housing is shown in Calgary

“Calgary’s Meteoric Rise: A Closer Look at the 2023 Population Growth”

The city of Calgary is booming, with new numbers from Statistics Canada revealing a staggering growth of 96,000 people in 2023. This influx marks a six per cent increase, bringing the total population in the Calgary Metropolitan Area to 1.68 million residents. This growth far surpasses that of other major Canadian cities, with Calgary leading the pack by more than double the growth seen in Ottawa and Montreal.

The Diversity Factor: Immigration and Interprovincial Migration

A significant portion of Calgary’s population growth can be attributed to international migration, as people from other countries flock to the city for various opportunities. Additionally, Calgary has seen a substantial influx of over 25,000 individuals from other provinces, the highest in the country and the most significant increase since 2001-2002. In a surprising turn, Alberta has overtaken British Columbia as the province with the most significant gains from interprovincial immigration, further contributing to Calgary’s population surge.

Infrastructure Challenges and Tax Considerations

With such rapid population growth, challenges arise in building the necessary infrastructure to support the increasing numbers of residents. Councilor Andre Chabot acknowledges these challenges, stating that accommodating the needs of new citizens is a significant hurdle for city councillors. Despite these challenges, Chabot remains optimistic about the growth, noting that it also generates additional revenue for the city.

Housing Crisis and City-wide Rezoning

In response to the growing population, Calgary recently approved city-wide rezoning to address the ongoing housing crisis. The move allows for the construction of townhomes and row houses in most communities alongside single-family homes and duplexes. This decision aims to expedite approvals and provide more housing options across the city, offering potential relief to the housing shortage.

The Road Ahead: Planning for a Thriving Future

As Calgary’s metropolitan area continues to experience exponential growth, it is clear that the city must strategically plan for the future. With nearly 180,000 new residents since 2019, Calgary faces both opportunities and challenges in managing its expanding population. As the city navigates these changes, thoughtful urban planning, infrastructure development, and community engagement will be crucial in shaping a thriving future for all residents.

In conclusion, Calgary’s population growth in 2023 reflects the city’s appeal as a destination for individuals seeking new opportunities and a vibrant community. As the city embraces this growth, it must also address infrastructure needs, housing concerns, and fiscal considerations to ensure a sustainable and equitable future for all residents. Through strategic planning and collaboration, Calgary has the potential to continue thriving as a diverse and dynamic metropolis.”



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