Deadly Ontario boat crash witness says he’s seen same boat speeding many times before


New details are emerging about the deadly boat crash near Kingston, Ont., over the Victoria Day long weekend, as a witness described what he saw during the incident.

Tony Hammond told Global News that he’s seen the same boat involved in the crash speeding multiple times before.

Three young people were killed, and five people were injured in the crash.

Global’s Sean O’Shea has the latest details.

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  1. That boat is a racing boat – pure and simple. Add what looks to be a 250 hp motor, and you have a machine that is capable of speeds well in excess of 100 ( up to 120) kph. Idle speed for that boat is likely close to the 10 kph speed limit. To be a running a boat like that after dark at higher speeds is nothing short of careless and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, especially in a posted 10 kph speed zone. Boats don't have brakes. If you have ever been in a boat travelling much over about 70 kph, you quickly realize that you are covering water so quickly, it is extremely difficult to avoid a floating hazard object on a bright sunny day. Damn near impossible at night. A shame that so many people have had to die or be injured because of one irresponsible maniac!

  2. problem is that people have seen him the last years , know what boat and have smart phones that can record him , and never report the dummy. Now 3 kids are dead . The post he made a head of time bragging tells you exactly what type of individual. I hope the judge makes an example out of him and gives him many years to think about it and is never allowed to operate any machine again . Not even an electric tooth brush . So many people with no dick , gotta make up for it , by getting the biggest engines and equipment possible and have no regard for very obvious and common sense rules .

  3. It is absolutely clear as to what caused this accident. Maybe the fishing boat was not properly lighted but they were in a 10 km boating zone and did not deserve to die. On a highway if a car is doing 80 mph in a 10 mph zone he is guilty of a crime……water is the same.

  4. Idiots in boats are everywhere. Such a sad story. We have 20 foot plus river jet boats ripping past kayakers and sending 2 foot wakes at them on a daily basis here in Northern Alberta as well.

  5. even if someone did report this guy it's highly likely there was no follow up. I called in a driver so drunk he passed out cold at a red light ( I thought he had a medical emergency ), and the cops didn't even bother with it. No unit even called me back. No wonder people don't even report things.

  6. Fishermen here, been fishing going on 50yrs, this isn't new, we see these fools all the time acting as if they own the lake, stiffer penalties need to be addressed.

  7. If I was on any of those 2 boats then there would never have been a fatal boat crash.

    As far as I am concerned both boat operators are guilty, for colliding into each other at night. Neither boat should have been on the water since none of the boat operators learned about Canada's boat regulations.

    What I am wondering is if both boat operators earned their PCOC. If neither boat operator has earned their PCOC then neither boat operator has any right to be on a boat, and drive a boat on water anywhere in Canada.

    Regarding myself I would have made modifications on either boat if the fishing boat, or speed boat was in my possession, or else I would never have taken either boat outside at night to drive it on the water !!!

  8. There is no speed limit on most lakes in Canada. Within 30 metres of shore the limit is 10 km/hr in Ontario
    Witness Clearly describes Boat coming through the narrows (80m Wide) at slow speed and accelerating into the bay which is 350 Meters wide at its Narrowest point. Anchored boats under 7 m (23’)If the boat is in or near a small channel, anchorage or an area where other boats regularly navigate Require : 1 all-round white light at night (Must be Visible at over a Mile) or 1 ball during the day, and An additional all-round white light.

  9. Speed boats shouldn't be allowed on lakes like Bob's Lake. The guy was clearly a show off. Obviously overcompensating for lack of brains! Now that he's taken life and ruined peoples lives, he'll be so heavily in debt from lawsuits and legal consequences it will haunt him all his remaining days, like the families that lost their loved ones.
    There needs to be motor size restrictions on inland lakes. It's not fair to the cottagers and families there. Something has to be done sooner than later!

  10. Comments here about about the fishing boat being an anchor (I've seen no such claim) or without lights (ditto), are interesting.
    People eager to defend the speeder. I can only assume they have the same mindset.


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