Contractor faces allegations of misappropriating funds and failing to finish projects

Contractor accused of taking thousands, not completing work

“**Beware of Dennis Walker and Vue Windows: Customers Share Their Warning Stories**

A cautionary tale of promises unkept and deposits lost emerges from eastern Ontario and western Quebec, as customers speak out against contractor Dennis Walker and his company, Vue Windows. These customers, who have been waiting for months, and in some cases years, for their promised work to be completed, are coming forward in the hope of warning others seeking to hire a contractor.

**The Disappointed Customers Speak Out**

Christian Lafleur’s story began in 2022 when he entrusted Walker with a deposit of $4,000 for custom windows for his home, with the promise of installation within two to three months. However, Lafleur found himself caught in a web of excuses and unfulfilled promises for the next two years. Despite his repeated attempts to reach out to Walker, the results were always the same – no windows, no progress, and no refund.

Trish Barclay’s experience mirrored Lafleur’s as she shared how she too fell victim to Walker’s empty promises after giving a $10,000 deposit for window replacement in her Wakefield home. The constantly shifting deadlines and lack of communication left her feeling violated and betrayed, unable to move forward with her plans.

**The Frustrations Continue**

Richard Cyr found himself in a similar predicament after paying an $8,650 deposit for custom windows that were never ordered or delivered as promised. His attempts to resolve the situation only led to more frustration and disappointment, adding further delays to his home improvement plans.

**Seeking Justice**

Lafleur and Barclay have taken the step of filing police reports against Vue Windows and Walker, seeking justice for themselves and the others who have found themselves in a similar situation. The road to resolution is long and uncertain, with legal action seeming like a distant and challenging prospect due to the substantial amounts of money involved.

**What Ottawa Police Advise When Hiring a Contractor**

Det. Shaun Wabeh from the Fraud Department of the Ottawa Police offers valuable advice for those seeking to hire a contractor. He warns against being pressured into immediate payments, emphasizing the importance of taking the time to research a company thoroughly before committing. By checking sources like the Better Business Bureau and seeking out reviews and references, customers can protect themselves from falling prey to unscrupulous contractors.


As the stories of disillusioned customers like Lafleur, Barclay, and Cyr come to light, it serves as a sobering reminder of the risks involved in hiring contractors and the importance of due diligence. The experience of these individuals should prompt others to proceed with caution and awareness when engaging in home improvement projects. Let their stories be a warning to all – trust but verify, research thoroughly, and do not be swayed by empty promises. In a world where trust is earned, let these cautionary tales guide our decision-making and protect us from potential harm.”



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