Canadian auto theft epidemic leads to record high insurance costs


“Canada’s Auto Theft Crisis: A Growing Concern

In a concerning trend, Canada’s auto theft crisis has reached unprecedented levels, with insurance claims skyrocketing to $1.5 billion in 2023, marking a 254% increase from 2018. This surge in auto theft not only disrupts the lives of Canadians but also poses a significant burden on law enforcement and court personnel.

The Impact on Insurance Premiums

The rise in auto theft claims has led to a surge in insurance premiums, with rates on commonly stolen car models increasing by 25% to 50% since 2022. Owners of high-risk vehicles face additional fees, with a $500 high-theft vehicle surcharge. This financial burden affects all drivers and reflects the widespread impact of auto theft on the community.

The Call for Government Action

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has called for more government action to address the root causes of auto theft. With high-end luxury vehicles being targeted for international markets, the bureau emphasizes the need for stronger regulations to prevent the illegal export of stolen vehicles. The federal government responded with the National Action Plan on Combatting Auto Theft, which includes new criminal offences to target auto thieves.

Differing Perspectives

While the Liberal government’s plan to combat auto theft was applauded by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the federal Conservatives expressed dissatisfaction. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre criticized the government’s handling of the crisis and proposed his party’s plan, focusing on stricter penalties for offenders and increased resources for border security.


As Canada grapples with a surge in auto theft, it is clear that a multifaceted approach is needed to address this ongoing crisis. Government initiatives, law enforcement efforts, and public awareness all play a crucial role in combating auto theft and protecting the community. By working together and implementing effective strategies, we can strive towards a safer and more secure future for all Canadians.”



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