Canada-wide warrant issued for long-term offender Michael Robertson


“Long-term offender Michael James Robertson is on the run, wanted on a Canada-wide arrest warrant for breaching court-ordered conditions. With nearly two decades of criminal history behind bars, Robertson has a track record of violence and defiance. Police believe he may have returned to Saskatchewan, with his last known location in Calgary. Now, authorities are seeking the public’s help in locating this dangerous individual before he strikes again.

The History of Michael James Robertson

Robertson, 37, has a troubling history of violence and criminal behavior, including charges of robbery, assault, arson, and possession of property obtained by crime. Despite serving time behind bars, Robertson continues to violate his conditions and pose a threat to public safety. Most of his charges stem from offences in Saskatchewan, where he has left a trail of chaos and destruction in his wake.

A Complicated Legal Battle

In a twist of legal fate, Robertson’s manslaughter conviction in the death of Rocky Genereaux was recently overturned, leading to a new trial. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal found errors in the previous judgment, highlighting the complexity of holding individuals like Robertson accountable for their actions. Despite his violent past, Robertson managed to evade justice, raising questions about the effectiveness of our legal system in dealing with repeat offenders.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

As the search for Michael James Robertson intensifies, it serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in addressing recidivism and ensuring public safety. The narrative of Robertson’s criminal history raises questions about rehabilitation, accountability, and the role of the justice system in preventing future harm. It is crucial for authorities and the community to work together to apprehend individuals like Robertson before they cause further harm. Only through collective action and vigilant oversight can we hope to protect society from the threat of repeat offenders.”



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