Business Data Lab Report Projects Gen AI Tipping Point for Businesses. Urgent Adoption Required to Boost Canada’s Productivity.

Business Data Lab Report Projects Gen AI Tipping Point for Businesses. Faster Adoption Needed to Rescue Canada from Its Productivity Emergency.

“In a world where technology is constantly evolving, Canadian businesses are failing to keep up with the adoption of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). The recent report released by the Business Data Lab (BDL) of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce sheds light on the sluggish progress and the potential barriers hindering the integration of this transformative technology. With low productivity plaguing the Canadian economy, it is crucial for businesses to embrace Gen AI for sustainable growth and competitiveness on a global scale.

The Slow Adoption of Gen AI in Canada

Despite the numerous benefits that Gen AI can offer, including enhanced productivity and efficiency, Canadian businesses are lagging behind in its adoption. The report emphasizes the urgent need for innovation and adaptation to stay relevant in a rapidly changing economic landscape. With only one in seven businesses in Canada currently using Gen AI, the pace of adoption is not sufficient to keep up with international competitors.

Barriers to Adoption and Recommendations for Progress

The report outlines the key barriers preventing businesses from embracing Gen AI, such as a lack of trust in the technology, challenges in hiring skilled employees, and limited access to finance. To accelerate adoption, both businesses and policymakers need to work together to overcome these obstacles and create a favorable environment for Gen AI implementation. By starting with small-scale pilot projects and gradually expanding based on successful results, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and drive economic growth.

The Future of Gen AI in Canada

As Gen AI continues to evolve and become more widespread, Canadian businesses must act swiftly to secure their position in the global market. With the potential to boost productivity by up to six percent over the next decade, Gen AI offers a significant opportunity for economic advancement. By upskilling workers, setting adoption targets, and collaborating with the private sector, the government can play a crucial role in facilitating the integration of Gen AI across various industries.


In conclusion, the time for Canadian businesses to embrace Gen AI is now. By leveraging this transformative technology, businesses can not only improve their productivity and efficiency but also ensure their long-term sustainability and competitiveness. As the global economy becomes increasingly reliant on AI, Canada must position itself as a leader in the field to thrive in the digital age. Let’s seize this opportunity to prompt productivity and drive innovation for the future of Canadian business success.”



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