Billions of buzzing cicadas emerge across US: “Sounds like a science fiction movie”


Cicadas are beginning to emerge throughout the Southern and Midwestern parts of the United States of America.

Billions of the buzzing insects are expected thanks to a ‘double brood,’ a rare occurrence not seen in centuries, where the 13-year cicadas and the 17-year cicadas will pop up at the same time.

“They’re your new neighbours, and you can’t pound on their wall and tell them to shut up, but, it’s okay,” Dennis Higgins said, who is a cicada enthusiast and granddad out enjoying the sights and sounds of the insects in Western Springs, Ill.

Parts of Illinois will serve as a cross-section for the two broods of periodical cicadas that have spent years living underground before emerging together to briefly mate and die.

“It’s part of life, but it’s a fun thing,” Higgins said. “It comes once every 17 years, so, I hope I’ll be here for the next one.”

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