Béton Provincial purchases assets from CRH Canada Group – Click here for more information!


“Big News in the Concrete Industry: Béton Provincial Ltée Expands its Reach”

In a significant move in the concrete and cement industry, Canadian-owned company Béton Provincial Ltée has completed a transaction with CRH Canada Group Inc. This deal involves the acquisition of various assets situated in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the state of New York.

Expanding Distribution Network and Product Offerings

As a result of this transaction, Béton Provincial now boasts one of the largest distribution networks in eastern North America. This development signifies the company’s commitment to enhancing the vertical integration of its operations. By diversifying its product offerings and gaining greater control over its supply chain, Béton Provincial aims to provide better value to its customers.

Advancing Green Concrete Projects

By leveraging the integration of the cement and concrete industries, Béton Provincial is strengthening its ability to undertake innovative projects in green concrete. This focus on sustainability and environmental impact sets the company on a path towards a more eco-friendly future.

New Assets and Ownership

The assets acquired by Béton Provincial include the Ash Grove cement plant in Joliette, along with six cement terminals spread across different locations. Additionally, the company now owns nine ready-mix concrete plants and two quarries in the Greater Montreal area. All cement activities will be conducted under the name Ciment St-Laurent/St. Lawrence Cement, resurrecting a renowned brand in Quebec and beyond.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Béton Provincial embarks on this new chapter of expansion and growth, the implications reach far beyond the company itself. This transaction not only consolidates its position in the market but also presents opportunities for collaboration and innovation within the industry. By embracing change and embracing new possibilities, Béton Provincial is paving the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future for all stakeholders involved.



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